February 8, 2007


            To:       MATS Policy Committee


            From:    MATS Citizens Advisory Committee


Subject: Vineville Avenue Project


On Wednesday, January 10, 2007, a regular meeting of the MATS Citizens Advisory Committee meeting was held in the 10th floor conference room of the Macon-Bibb County Planning and Zoning Commission at approximately 5:00pm.  The meeting was called to order by CAC Chairman, Ms. Hanberry-Martin.  The Citizens Advisory Committee is charged with advising the MATS TCC & Policy Committee of the opinions of the individual citizens and citizen groups regarding road projects and reports within the City of Macon and Bibb County.  One road project in particular is the Vineville Avenue project, which was discussed at our regular CAC meeting.  Mr. North discussed changes to the Vineville Avenue project.  The local MPO (Metropolitan Planning Organization) received a memo from GDOT to amend the TIP to add 1 million for preliminary engineering to the Vineville Avenue project for FY 2007.  The project is funded 80% Federal and 20% State funds.  The purpose of the additional funding is to hire a consultant to study and develop conceptual alternatives for this project.


On the amendment to approve additional funding for the Vineville Avenue project, the CAC motioned to defer the amendment of the Vineville Avenue project until there is more information.  During discussion, CAC members expressed the desire that a design charrette be an integral part of this project; expressed concerns regarding the revision of the project description to mention the study (charrette) will be examined between Pio Nono Avenue and Forest Hill Road; examine the process by which GDOT make changes to projects; and to examine Roff Avenue as an alternative.   


Final Vineville Avenue project Voting Result 


On a motion to vote to recommend that the TIP be amended to include the 1 million for a consultant study; a charrette; a Vineville Avenue Corridor study as opposed to specifically limiting ourselves to widening Vineville, the Citizens Advisory Committee approved the motion as submitted.  5 members were in favor of the motion; No opposition.  The motion passed.


For further information on the CAC deliberations and recommendations, I respectfully refer you to the official record of the Vineville Avenue project discussion and/or meeting minutes, which are held at the MPO.


Respectfully Submitted,



Jaime H. Webb, Chairman of the CAC