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Video of Hate-Filled, K-K-Krock at Immigration Rally:

Listen to my Code Words.
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I will Appeal to your Worst Instincts.
I will Excite the Snakes in your Primitive, Reptilian brainstem.

Dear Community Leaders & Citizens:

Hate talk radio in Macon, Georgia is hurting our community,
    We need to work together to fix this problem ASAP! 

Some concerned citizens have suggested that if we all just "ignore Chris Krok, then he will go away," but he is still here, still poisoning our community after almost a year.

Krok continues to rile up neighbors against neighbors - especially along racial lines.  This racism and "hate talk" is intolerable, and it has tragically proven to lead to violence in other communities across our United States.

We all support "free-speech" and the First Amendment, but this freedom does not extend to those who yell "Fire!" in a crowded theater.  Nor does it protect those who incite racism and religious bigotry by hypnotic repetitions of code phrases and words like "Hussein" attached to persons who have a different "Christian" name. Infamously evil, Vladimir Lenin coined the aphorism "A lie told often enough becomes the truth," and Krok is using such proven techniques to brainwash our neighbors with bigotry and hate.

Business owners and community leaders can no longer afford to sit back and have visitors and business prospects come to our city and hear Krok’s divisive tone and message. His whole intention seems to be to serve as a divisive catalyst in our community. This community must act now and stand together. Please join our efforts in holding Cumulus accountable for Krok’s actions on News Talk AM 940. National and local sponsors who support Cumulus also support the offensive and divisive message that Cumulus allows Chris Krok to deliver every morning on their station.

We ask that you help our community by boycotting hate-talk-radio. Boycott the station 940-AM. Boycott their advertisers. Write letters, phone businesses, politicians, preachers, and teachers. 

Let's Take Back Our Community!

Signed by 37  Middle Ga. Community Leaders

Macon Telegraph - May 18, 2009
Reject vicious rhetoric

I consider myself to be conservative. I have been a Republican since Ronald Reagan’s campaign of 1980. Four times I was proud to run for office as a Republican. Unlike some, I have no intention of deserting the party of my allegiance. But I am concerned about some of the rhetoric that, lately, emanates from some conservative Republican leaders both at the local and national levels.

There is a right way to do political opposition. There is a wrong way to do political opposition. Attacking a Supreme Court justice with malicious fabrications is just an extreme example of the wrong way to do political opposition.

Not withstanding any genuine remorse that may have ensued such a “regrettable” remark, the issue is much larger. There are people who consider themselves spokesmen for conservatism or the Republican Party who are giving both a bad name.

Whether it be the antics of Georgia House Speaker Glenn Richardson or the immature rhetoric of a local talk radio host, all responsible conservatives should disavow these embarrassing tactics and dedicate themselves to a responsible, rational, mature and significantly substantive political opposition.

— Don Sweat


Too much vitriol

“There is nothing so desperately monotonous as the sea, and I no longer wonder at the cruelty of pirates.”  — James Russell Lowell

I deplore the vitriolic dissension prevailing in the U.S. these days; it falls but a little short of civil war. Reproaching the president for cap and trade or for nationalizing heath insurance is one thing. But to fault him when he orders the shooting of pirates is petty and mean. Why accuse him of flip-flopping about the release and later protection of military documents when the change is really tacking amidst conflicting surges of waves? As a conservative I may deem The Telegraph liberal, but I should not deny that it contains some strongly anti-liberal opinions. We should all read Proverbs and tamp down strident dissension.

— Eliot Youman


Sunday, May. 17, 2009
Out of balance: Too many think it funny

By Neil Cullinan - Special to The Telegraph

The “infectiousness of the unconflicted personality” is a phrase used by the writer, Ernest Becker, to explain why, historically speaking, masses of well-intentioned people have allowed themselves to be drawn to marginally educated, fairly mediocre figures.

I have followed with some concern the series of exchanges between two members of Macon City Council. One of these council members, Erick Erickson, has been supported by local conservative talk show host Chris Krok. Together, these two men have orchestrated a series of negative comments about Councilwoman Elaine Lucas, comments that seem, to some of us, unkind and unnecessary

I have no wish to garner the enmity of either Erickson or Krok. After all, they are less than half my age, better looking, and no doubt smarter than I, and certainly more popular. Erickson supports himself with a national blog that is apparently quoted occasionally by the national media, a worthy achievement. Krok apparently makes his radio station and, indirectly, various advertisers significant profits due to his program.

Whatever the merits of their political disagreements with Lucas, it is difficult for me to believe either of these young men would have been pleased had a female member of their families ­ a grandmother, a mother, a sister, a daughter ­ been subjected to the kinds of negative comments directed by them toward Lucas.

It has now come to my attention that Erickson has been quoted as describing U.S. Supreme Court Justice David Souter as a “goat $#%&* child molester.” To have a public figure in a position of some responsibility within my community utter such a patently false and mean-spirited accusation takes one’s breath away.

To be fair to Erickson, he did apologize, sort of, while adding “most people have kind of laughed” (apparently because the comment) “was pretty funny.” What is disturbing about the councilman’s assessment is that he may be correct. Given the fractious nature of our body politic, it is certainly possible many people did find his tasteless comment funny.

Actually, the comment was not funny, at least not to me, nor was the comment considered “funny” by the chairman of the local GOP, who earned kudos from all of us for his appropriate criticism of the quote.

But let’s give Erickson and Krok their due: They know their audience. So the question becomes “why” did so many people find so cruel a comment “funny?” The answer may be found in Becker’s phrase, “the infectiousness of the unconflicted.”

History is full of depressing examples of masses of people being drawn to those offering simple answers to complex challenges. W.B. Yeats in his poem “Second Coming” wrote how:

“The best lack all conviction, while the worst are full of passionate intensity.”

It is a common problem in every society. There are demagogues who manipulate people’s fears. I am not suggesting Erikson and Krok are the “worst citizens,” but I do believe they suffer a common arrogance borne of their successes. Both young men, in some circles, are treated and viewed as “rock stars.” And people do like their stars. If we know anything about purveyors of “the truth” ­ political, economic, religious ­ listening to differing viewpoints is not their long suit.

David Foster Wallace, a young, gifted writer who is no longer with us, gave a college commencement speech a few years ago in which he spoke about the difficulty of the individual learning to “empathize” with others:

“Think about it,” Wallace said, “There is no experience you’ve had that you were not at the absolute center of.”

And that’s the rub, isn’t it? All of us, not just Erickson and Krok, but all of us are at the center of our own distinct set of experiences. Viewed from the narrow prism of our own ego-centric perspective, we possess the clearest viewpoint. But this reality tends to breed arrogance, a hubris, an insensitivity to the struggles and differing viewpoints of others. Possessors of “the truth” display an “unconflicted, passionate intensity” and the masses adoringly follow. Admittedly, it makes for good theater, but such arrogance does not tend to promote civility or bring out the best in us.

When I see Elaine Lucas, I see a proud and competent woman, whose mother, father and grandparents were subjected to the harsh realities of a discriminatory, racist society. “She has an edge to her, a chip on her shoulder,” someone said to me. Well, of course she does. Who wouldn’t when one’s mother and grandmother had to step off the sidewalk while a white person half their age walked by? Who wouldn’t have a chip on his/her shoulder when it took federal intervention in the deep South for black people to acquire the common rights of white society?

When I look at Lucas, I see a person worthy of respect, a person who has overcome barriers and hardships those of us who are white prefer not to think about. When I see Lucas, I see a loving mother who has lost a beautiful son in the full bloom of his life. Who can measure such pain?

But when I witness two bright, young, successful white men publicly ridiculing a black woman, something seems out of balance. And when I learn a local, popular city councilman offers a vicious untrue insult at a retiring Supreme Court justice because that justice did not share the councilman’s simplistic view of our society, I think of Ernest Becker, of W.B. Yeats, of a kind, thoughtful David Foster Wallace ­ and am hopeful for our community and for our nation.

Neil Cullinan is a resident of Macon

Madison Wisconsin research on Krok.
Krok-Pot impersonates Horny Rob porno

Chris Krok spouted spews about threatening his brother's friend with a GUN on the air. This when he was a juvenile. I guess this is the qualification for being a wacko talk show host.

Posted by logee at March 30, 2004 02:52 AM

p ster
February 10, 2004

.... A hated talk show host here in Minneapolis
at KSTP is Chris Krok. He admitted to pointing a gun at another kid when he was 15 years old.
When a psychologist called and said he should admit he might have a problem, Krok exploded on air. You are right, this kind of drama is like watching the Titanic sink, it is hard to avert your eyes.

January 27, 2006
I doubt krok would know a gun from his ass

Krok is a Bohunk Goombah!




From the Madison Wisconsin Capital Times Archives
1) Wisconsin Capital Times said Krok uses race baiting.
2) Krok Investigated for a Hate Crime while in Madison Wisconsin.
3) Wisconsin Coalition Against Domestic Violence  furious at Krok for using the phrase "bitch slap" against a female Wisconsin State  
Wtdy's Krok Openly Race-baits
The Capital Times :: LOCAL/STATE :: 4A
Monday, April 7, 2003
By Samara Kalk Derby The Capital Times

1) Conservative "shock jock" Chris Krok on WTDY/AM 1670 launched into open race-baiting on his Thursday show while discussing the case of JamalMohamed, the 21-year-old Somali man who died in police custody four monthsago.

Focusing on the news last week that 29 Madison police officers had filed alawsuit against the city of Madison and Police Chief Richard Williams to keepMohamed's family from learning their names, Krok mocked the family with aphony ethnic accent and asserted that the police need to protect themselvesfrom the family.After one commercial break, Krok came back on the air playing MiddleEastern music and speaking in a fake Arab accent, even though the family,while Muslim, is from East Africa.

"Bang! Bang! I kill you!" Krok repeated over and over in his Middle Easternaccent. He also asked listeners if they had seen the movie "Black Hawk Down,"the 2001 movie that re-created 1993's 15-hour battle between besieged U.S.troops and Somali fighters on the streets of Mogadishu. In the conflict, U.S.servicemen were dragged through the streets by a Somali mob, and 18 Americanswere killed.

When callers accused Krok of racism and bigotry, he shouted them down,insulted them, and abruptly cut them off.

At least one member of Mohamed's family said officers would "pay for"Mohamed's death, he said, quoting from a newspaper account detailing thelawsuit.

However, Mohamed's uncle Farah Alli said the allegation simply wasn't true.He disputed the claim in the newspaper story Krok read from and again Sunday.

"They are trying to put words in our mouths," Alli said.

Alli has been outspoken since local officials cleared police officers ofany wrongdoing late last month, and has repeatedly said that police officerswho restrained his nephew during the November incident were responsible forhis death.

His anger is solely focused on the agencies that handled the investigation:the Police Department, the District Attorney's Office and the Coroner'sOffice.

Alli dismissed Krok's behavior, acknowledging that free speech allows himto say whatever he wants.

"People have their own view, whatever they want to say. They think we arebad people. That's what they say about us," he said.

He shrugged off Krok's assertion that he or other family members were dangerous and would harm the officers involved with the incident andsubsequent investigation.
"How are you going to threaten 29 police offers?" Alli asked in disbelief.

Krok made his name in Madison about a month after he arrived by drumming up anti-School Board sentiment in 2001 during the Pledge of Allegiance controversy. At the time, Krok questioned Hmong School Board member ShwawVang's right to be on the School Board, and mischaracterized him as Vietnamese.

2) He continued to stir up problems and was investigated for a hate crime last year when he used the term "b---- slap" in reference to a female state legislator on his talk show.

District Attorney Brian Blanchard investigated that incident and determined Krok was not guilty of a crime.
Radio Dj's Words Ignite Controversy
The Capital Times :: FRONT :: 1A
Saturday, August 10, 2002
By Lee Sensenbrenner The Capital Times
3) Station management at WTDY/AM 1670 has decided to clip the phrase "bitch slap" from its talk radio lexicon after the words drew furious reaction from domestic abuse prevention groups.

 Talk show host Chris Krok, who used the phrase Thursday and Friday mornings against state Rep. Terese Berceau, among others, said it had been part of the station's "street vernacular.""A bitch slapping is like a pillory or excoriating somebody. You know,verbally lashing them with your tongue," Krok said Friday.

But Berceau, D-Madison, didn't see it that way. And neither did many members of violence prevention groups.

Former mayoral candidate Eugene Parks probably had the strongest reaction against the phrase, writing in all bold, capital letters that "THIS KIND OF RADIO TALK SHOW INSANITY CAN NOT BE TOLERATED."

That was written in a letter to Mayor Sue Bauman on Friday, in which he called for Krok to be investigated for a hate crime.

Berceau played it a bit cooler.

"I never listen to the show, but I certainly had a number of people call meand tell me what he said," Berceau said.

"I do think that this crossed the line. And I also think it's become an issue of our community standards."

Berceau said that the whole incident "could be downplayed, except that it's offensive and there is an issue here of who is listening and how they might interpret a call to, uh, slap the bitch."

The appropriate response, she said, would be to try to pinch the station's funding.

"The only thing I can say is that people in the community have to turn to advertisers and ask them why they're supporting a show like this," Berceau said.

That tactic, evidently, was persuasive. WTDY Program Director John "Sly"Sylvester sent a letter to Berceau on Friday. It wasn't apologizing, but it promised he'd direct broadcasters from using the term "bitch" or the phrase"bitch slap."

"We certainly will find better words for a female politician who uses her political power to deny citizens their voting rights," Sylvester wrote.

Though the term has admittedly been used a lot on WTDY, it drew attention Thursday and Friday mornings, when Krok was talking about a petition opposinga move by the city of Fitchburg to annex parts of the town of Madison. The contentious border dispute began with language in the state budget -- later vetoed -- that would have allowed the town to be absorbed by surroundingcities without a referendum.

The budget language has been attributed to Berceau, as has the petition drive against Fitchburg's potential annexation.

Berceau said that in the debate, Krok lost sight of the issues and beganusing violent language against her and others.

"I can deal with Sly," Berceau said.

"Sly, we all know, can be outrageous, and I can deal with him. And Sly makes me mad and gets me all riled, and I've made the mistake of calling him before. But I think Krok is tasteless. I think he has so little respect, you know, he goes after the person instead of the issue," Berceau said.

3) After Krok disparaged her, the Wisconsin Coalition Against Domestic Violence sent out messages to affiliates throughout the state. The coalition did it because a state legislator with a record against abuse was underattack, Berceau said.

Krok said Berceau called on her "goon squad" to attack him.

"They owe me an apology. Terese Berceau owes me an apology," Krok said.

For what?

"For trying to get me in big trouble," Krok said.

Sylvester said that he supports Krok, but that he has to be mindful of language that drives away listeners and advertisers.

If something a talk show host says "gives our opponents a club to hit us with hard enough to hurt us economically, I have to make a decision,"
Sylvester said.

Krok said that he doesn't feel defeated.

"I don't have to use the term bitch slap.' I don't have to use the term bitch.' So, I just won't. Fine," Krok said.
Berceau added: "This is exactly what they want, is all this publicity."

Surrender To Hate Rally..Tonight!!
Idiot - KKKrok
Tue, 04 Nov 2008

Tonight, Mayor Reichert will host the "Surrender to Hate" Rally, where you can bow down on the alter of white guilt and surrender to the messiah (small "m").  Let the sweat drip from your brow as you admit your white guilt.
Members of the City of Macon Finance Department will be on hand, as well as Notary Publics, to facilitate you signing over your 401k funds to African Americans, as called for by Father Pfleger in Obama's church (Pfleger was on Obama's campaign as a religious adviser).
Also, you can bow in your white guilt as we play select cuts of Rev. Wright saying, "G-D America" and "US of KKKA" and more...
Join the Mayor TONIGHT at 7-8pm in Downtown Macon!

See you there--Krok (ps-My 401k has already been electronically transferred)
*Krok attacks Mayor / Pastors in editorial
- Krok-Pot -

Never argue with an Idiot in public,
because bystanders may not be able to tell the difference.


Here is an article about when "Krok-Pot" left WSB (Replaced by Herman Cain) in Decmber 2007, after two years on the air.

- - Research on the "Krok-Pot" malady  - -

Here are some excerpts from the AJC's article's 150 comments that are representative:
  By WO
December 7, 2007 2:48 AM 
Hey all,
Good story about Chris Krok and the kind of low class individual he is by an intern who used to work with him.
Check it out:
By Phy
December 7, 2007 8:28 AM 
I knew he was gone the night he said something about smoking pot

By lamar seals
December 14, 2007 6:49 AM
one of the most disgusting things ive heard was the little girl at the amusement parks in texas got her feet cut off in an accident and this piece of garbage played FOOTLOOSE an old lady was killed by an alligator in florida and this slimeball played chomping sounds and made jokes good riddance
By martha
December 14, 2007 7:35 AM 
I was also apalled at how disgusting jt was to play footloose when the girl got her feet cut off. Did anyone else hear that broadcast and did he ever apologise?
By Brian K. Ross
December 14, 2007 8:36 AM  
I’m glad to see him go. He was less than impressive. He should be replaced by Royal.
By Chris
December 14, 2007 1:04 PM  
While I appreciate his attempt to have a “local show,” in the end he was nothing more than a right-wing bigot. Anyone who listened to him talk about immigrants knows that. Good riddance.
By voice of reason
December 19, 2007 9:15 AM 
I can’t believe WSB stayed with Krok this long. More times than not, he lacked a fundamental understanding of the issues. When he did get it right, he lacked the depth and responsiveness to intelligently defend his position. All bluster, no substance.
By schmee
December 19, 2007 2:58 AM  
I’m glad he’s gone. I listen at night, but I found Krok to lack any real insight, or ability to entertain. His show was clumsy. I once heard him make an interesting point, but it was an isolated incident. I used to try to listen, but his insistence that people who didn’t agree with him were stupid became a bore quickly. Good luck to him in his future, but I think WSB can do better…obviously, so do they. My favorite Krok moment was an immigration rally. I remember that he made a big build-up on his show in the days preceding the rally…he couldn’t say what, but he was going to be doing something big—stay tuned. Well, I tuned in to WSB-TV’s news broadcast that evening and happened to see the story covering the rally. They showed the immigrants with candles, etc…then they showed Krok, standing with a megaphone and yelling at the immigrants, threatening to blow out their candles. He stood alone, except for three police cars and officers who were there to protect him (presumably from himself). It was pathetic.
December 12, 2007 12:02 AM  
I’m glad that Krok is out. Although it was refreshing to hear talk about local issues, Krok tended to scream down his callers or simply cut them off if their opinion differed from his…especially on subjects where he was CLEARLY ignorant.

By Glad He's Gone
December 11, 2007 8:17 PM  
Kris Krock was juvenile in his approach. His demeanor was abrasive, and his looks were less than appealing. He presented no real journalistic talents and I am surprised he lasted as long as he did. He was racist, abusive, brash, taunted his guest and complained constantly about Atlanta. Perhaps he unconsciously wanted to return to Minnesota where he was more comfortable with the ethnic make up of the area. I found him a talentless stand in until the station could find a suitable replacement. Too bad it took them two years to find one.

By slapped_nutz
December 11, 2007 3:17 AM   
i knew this was coming. he just couldnt cut it in atlanta.had too many people hating him.
By skipjack
December 8, 2007 1:27 PM | Link to this
To those who called him KKKrok or said he “didn’t bring Atlanta together.” What’s that nonsense. He called into question the actions or positions of some of our fellow community members. I was amazed he stayed as long as he did given what he was saying but he was a breath of fresh air. He wasn’t racist, he just offered another point of view and one that protective mainstream media never seems to want to address. I’m sad to see his thoughts and views leave Atlanta. I’m not at all sad to see his sophomoric method of delivering that message leave.
By Truth2Power
December 7, 2007 9:16 PM    
Soooo glad to see Krok gone!!! He was never a good fit for Atlanta. He did not have a depth of knowledge about the city and it’s history.
It was like having a stranger come into town and reading your newspaper to you.

By Truth2Power
December 7, 2007 9:30 PM  
Krok did nothing to bring this city (Atlanta) together, hopefully WSB will put someone on who wants to see this city come together and move forward.
By Sonya
December 7, 2007 8:33 PM | Link to this
Bye, bye, Kris KroKKK. Now I can stop writing WSB management about his race baiting tomfoolery.

By StevenCee

December 7, 2007 3:46 AM
Reading that Krok was booted was joy to my eyes…. He was in way over his head, too immature, & victim of far too many cups of coffee (or whatever stimulant that caused him to sound like a strung out speed-freak)….
The worst aspect of his show, and why I simply stopped listening altogether, was he just got ugly, very ugly, taking glee in others’ misfortunes & missteps, being disrespectful to many of his callers, & sinking into the typical hypocritical, lie-spewing M.O.
December 7, 2007 1:53 AM   
Sorry to see Chris get fired just before Christmas. His show had some entertainment value. He did a great job on fighting against a major issue and making an impact- illegal immigration. He should be highly commended for that! But his show was lacking in class. He spent way too much time on each issue, and he always made fun of the misfortune of others. Poor taste and low class. Now maybe he will get a dose of his own medicine if someone makes fun of his misfortune. He will probably find a new gig somewhere.

By What took so long
December 6, 2007 5:36 PM   
Thank GOD! What a hack this guy was. Nothing wrong with a little excitement on the show, but this idiot just said whatever it took to entertain HIMSELF! Losers always lose in the end and this one got what was coming.

By Coop
December 6, 2007 2:03 PM  
Krok gone…good ridance. He was ok his first year but, has SUCKED since then. He had the on air maturity of a 13 year old.

By John
December 6, 2007 9:53 AM  
I’d like to feel disappointed at this, but the fact is that his incessant use of sound effects (if once is good, twenty times would be really awesome, right?)and his refusal to listen to callers (equal opportunity- he didn’t listen to those who agreed or disagreed with him)made him virtually unlistenable to me. I like his opinions and his choices for community involvement, but when you carry on until 45 seconds til the next commercial before squeezing a caller in over the music… argh!
By Jay
December 6, 2007 9:40 AM   
I’ll definitely listen to Herman Cain. I tried to listen to Krok, but the way that he would just repeat himself over and over got on my nerves pretty bad

By ezm
December 5, 2007 7:06 PM  
THANK YOU…WSB…Chris Krok..was TERRIBLE…all he did was do his show prep from the pages of the AJC. I wont miss his annoying voice at all…Savage and Levine..are bad enough…but at least they are national. I liked Royal least he knew Atlanta. I lost what little respect I had for Krok when racial issues would come up in Atlanta and instead of LISTENING to people in the Black community that KNEW somethings about the issues going on.. Krok would just read from the AJC as gospel…and speak ignorantly of the issues going on..he did not know his ass from first base. Krok was a weak talk show host…when he was ignorant on a subject…he just resorted to race bating, name calling or just yelled in his shrill voice over callers..I work nites and listen to nite radio…but Krok drove me to buy satellite radio. Sorry he lost his job over the holidays…but good bye…
By Jay
December 6, 2007 9:40 AM   
I’ll definitely listen to Herman Cain. I tried to listen to Krok, but the way that he would just repeat himself over and over got on my nerves pretty bad

By GodHatesTrash
December 5, 2007 6:47 PM   
Krok is a loud-mouthed moron. Good riddance.
By Barker
December 5, 2007 5:29 PM  
I hate to see anyone lose their job, especially this time of year, but Chris Krok was a joke. His first night on the air, he made it clear that he wasn’t afraid to use race baiting in order to get calls and stir up controversy. It was funny that his stance was that all the Black people in Atlanta felt that Bill Campbell was not guilty, but all the Black callers who called him that night agreed that the former mayor was guilty. Instead of giving his opinion and seeing how things would play out, he decided to pander to bigots. Because of that, I say good bye to bad rubbish.
By WSB listener
December 5, 2007 11:24 AM  
Finally! Krok was the weakest link of the day. The most terrible radio personality in talk in radio.

We scanned all 3 webposted segments from that day, and it is quite posiible that the "rapist" reference was cut from the archives. He certainly did refer to some active Citizens numerous times - his show is fairly repetitive over the 3 hours, and he is apparently reading and retelling his little stories over and over.

He talks real fast like a crack-head so "Ima Thinkin" I'll call him:
 Kris KrockPot the KrakHead

Thursday, January 12, 2006

Krok Talk and other pressing matters.

I’m going to use his name. What the hell.

My pal mntwinmom commented after my last post that Twin Cities’ talk show host Chris Krok announced that last night’s broadcast was his last for AM 1500 KSTP. He claims that he received an offer he couldn’t refuse, and this may be technically correct. My guess is that the new Program Director offered him the opportunity to quit with dignity or be forcibly removed by security.

Anyway, I have a special place in my heart—the place that harbors all my grudges and hate—for Chris Krok. Chris Krok is one of the four people walking this planet that I must unfortunately admit that I hate.

Regular readers of my blog might recall that just about a year ago, I worked an internship at AM 1500 KSTP that nearly destroyed my already fragile mental health. The reason for my resulting nervous breakdown was largely due to my frenetic schedule. I was working full-time as an administrative assistant, working 20 hours per week at the station and attending school full-time. However, another part of the equation was Chris Krok’s attitude.

He had a reputation of being hard to work with. That’s putting it mildly. He regularly heaped impossible demands on me, his intern, and his producer, young Jason. Jason, it must be said, has what they call in the business “balls of steel,” because he remained with Krok up until the end. More on Jason towards the end of this post.

Chris needed his microphone adjusted to a certain angle before he arrived. I needed to adjust his chair height. Brew a fresh pot of decaf. Turn on his laptop, arrange the guest microphones just so; the list of tasks was endless.

I took the internship for college credit and part of my responsibilities was keeping a daily journal of my activities at the station. I’ve read it several times since then, and frankly I should have it published because it is a day-by-day chronicle of a gradual, complete mental breakdown. Here’s an excerpt from Day One:

This was the first day on the job, and it was great. If Day One was a harbinger of things to come, I am very optimistic indeed.

Here’s an excerpt from a little further on:

I nearly lost my mind yesterday. I essentially had a nervous breakdown, probably the third in as many years. I cried, broke things, and injured myself. But for a promise I made my wife a couple years ago in a moment of weakness, I would probably have killed myself.

Chris and I had a bona fide run-in once. He used to hate it when Jason and I would talk in the control room, because he couldn’t hear what we were saying. He used to ask that we please cease all non show-related conversation. Well, I arrived at the station the day after my father’s funeral, and to kick things off Chris offered no condolences nor did he ask how I was doing. Instead, he was in a surly mood, and Jason and I committed the Cardinal sin of talking during the broadcast. During a commercial break, Chris asked me to come to his studio. When I did, he asked that I excuse myself to a different room and listen to the show; that my presence in the control room was distracting him.

I had just planted my dad in the ground and this petulant little shit was giving me a time-out.

I left, all right. I left the building. A producer approached me the next time I was at the station and said, in an awe-struck manner, “You’re my hero.”

There were a few other instances like this, but the piece de resistance was for a public appearance that was to be held the Monday after Easter 2005. Chris was hosting a “Smoke ‘em if you got ‘em” promotion at a local bar to commemorate the Minneapolis smoking ban, and he had the bright idea that Tom the intern should appear in a giant cigarette costume. It was to be a team effort; Chris, Jason and I were to meet that weekend and spend a day working on it.

However, neither Chris nor Jason returned my e-mails or phone calls the week before regarding the task, and on Good Friday Chris sent me a brief e-mail saying that he and Jason were opting out: It was up to me to create a functional cigarette costume by the following Monday. Here’s an excerpt from my journal:

The excitement I felt for the promotion has all but evaporated completely.

The creation of the costume was originally to have been a team event. I was to have provided details to Krok and Jason as to what type of materials were available. After they gave their blessing, I was to purchase the materials and we were going to meet at Krok’s house and build it together on Saturday.

However, after I provided extremely detailed information to them on Thursday, I heard nothing for 24 hours. Even after explaining to them that the one place that had exactly what we were looking for was closed for Good Friday, neither Krok nor Jason would take five minutes to give me the “go ahead” so I could (hopefully) excuse myself from work for an hour to pick it up. Jason merely sent me a short “go for it” e-mail on Friday. Friday night, after the show, both of them sprung the fact on me that it was all up to me; they weren’t going to lift a finger.

I told them it would take a tremendous amount of work, and I might have to work from home Monday night rather than be in the studio. They approved this, then started getting somewhat demanding. “We don’t think it’s too much to ask that you come to the studio on Tuesday so we can approve the costume.” So, we went from a “team effort” to essentially pointing the finger at the $6.00 per hour intern and saying “You’d better come through.” Krok said that the Tuesday deadline should be adequate, because I would have “all day Tuesday” to work on it. I looked at him and said “Yes—except for my job.”

They either don’t understand or simply just don’t care that I have a life beyond the fucking Chris Krok show. This is taking its toll on my life and my marriage. I’m at the point of a nervous breakdown attempting to juggle work, school, internship, and my marriage. My wife and I were at each other’s throats yesterday, mostly due to the fact that I’m nearly apoplectic at the thought of having to create a goddamned cigarette costume on Easter weekend. No stores are open, I’m supposed to spend the day at my in-laws, and I am likely going to cancel this (much to the chagrin of my wife, I’m sure) in order to ensure I create the stupid thing on time.

This could go on forever, but suffice it to say that after one failed attempt, I lost my mind and I lost my day job. I then gave it one last shot and came up with something that worked, and in fact I was featured on the 10:00 news that night. Remember that, because it factors into the end of this post.

My tenure with Krok Talk ended prematurely because he sent me to a man-on-the-street broadcast from the premier of the last Star Wars movie, and after promoting my appearance incessantly for a week, he never put me on the air. He jeopardized the station’s relationship with the movie theater—a brand new client—and screwed over several kids in Star Wars costumes that had called their families and friends to tell them they were going to be on the radio. After the show I called Jason, the producer, and used more f-bombs during that five-minute conversation than I probably had in my previous 37 years combined. I called the Program Director and left him a voice mail stating that I was done: Chris Krok was officially no longer a part of my life.

A couple nights ago I was listening to Krok Talk on the way home from school, and he happened to be touching on the subject of religion. I thought I’d call in; what the hell. I told Jason the purpose of my call, and after a few words he asked “Is this Tom?” I told him that indeed it was. He then proceeded to tell me that “Chris is going to recognize your voice if I put you on.” I asked if that was a problem. He said “Well, I told you about how he forbid me to talk to you after you left, right?”

No, I had never been made privy to that piece of information. I was taken aback, frankly. For starters, I couldn’t believe Chris could be so petulant. Second, it disappointed me that Jason would follow those instructions; that if Chris Krok dictates the terms of your personal life, it is your duty to follow orders. Still, Jason is a young guy with firm career aspirations; I wouldn’t expect him to jeopardize his lofty plans for the opportunity to befriend a 40-year old former $6 per hour intern who once wore a ridiculous cigarette costume in a cold, Easter drizzle.

Then, last night I heard Chris tease that he had a “big announcement.” My first thought was that he’d been fired. My wife thought he was going to announce that he was having another baby. Well, we all know what transpired: An offer he couldn’t refuse, whatever that means.

Earlier I mentioned my appearance on the 10:00 news in my cigarette costume. Well, last night as Chris took calls from his “fans” reminiscing about his tenure at AM 1500, a guy named Inge called in. Inge is a talk radio junkie; he calls all the shows and he turned up at the smoking ban promotion that night. He had created a generator-powered cigarette in the back of his pickup truck that glowed and smoked. It was very impressive, and his truck combined with my costume attracted quite a few people to the promotion.

As Inge talked to Chris, Chris thanked him for his contribution to the promotion. “You brought people in,” Chris said, “and you got on the news, brother.”

That statement hammered home to me what sort of person Chris Krok is. He didn’t give me a single mention for my part in the promotion, and even fabricated an ex post facto tale about what aspect of the evening wound up on the television news. It’s a little like “1984” by George Orwell, frankly; the truth is whatever Chris Krok remembers it to be, or perhaps more sinister what he deems it to be.

This post may seem like sour grapes, and I apologize if I come across as petulant. The internship was valuable, and it was by no means all for naught. It was extremely instructive and fascinating, and in fact was at times fun. And the funny thing is, two nights ago when I turned on Krok Talk on the way home from school, I had a thought that was similar to the sentiment expressed by Linus on the Peanuts Christmas Special regarding Charlie Brown’s Christmas tree. Linus looked at the pathetic little thing and said “You know, I never really thought it was such a bad little tree.”

As I listened to Krok Talk, completely unaware that 24 hours later it would be history, I thought to myself “You know, it’s really not such a bad little show.” I wish Chris Krok the best in his career. I know that it’s tough on him and his family, moving every couple of years as his career progresses (or regresses, as the case may be). One thing I’ll say for him, though: He’s passionate. He believes not only in his opinions but in his chances as a talk radio show host. He’s a hell of a lot further along in life than I am—than I may ever be—and at the very least I respect him for that.

Here are 3 of Krok-Pot's  hatefull references to highly respected local science teacher in Bibb County:
Tuesday Sept 23
6a.m.: 17' 35" to 18' 30"(Susan)
7a.m.: 27' 30" to 30' 00"  (Susan)
8a.m. 18' 10" to  20' 20"  (Susan)


Shame, Shame, Shame

Hall of Shame

List of KKKrok Supporters:

Cumulus Media Inc.
3280 Peachtree Road NW
Suite 2300
Atlanta, GA 30305
United States - Map
Phone: 404-949-0700
Fax: 404-949-0740
Web Site:
Mr. Lewis W. Dickey Jr., 46
Founder, Chairman, Chief Exec. Officer and Pres
Mr. Martin R. Gausvik , 51
Chief Financial Officer, Principal Accounting Officer, Exec. VP and Treasurer
Mr. John W. Dickey , 41
Co-Chief Operating Officer and Exec. VP
Mr. John G. Pinch , 59
Co-Chief Operating Officer and Exec. VP
Mr. Eric P. Robison , 48
Consultant, Director and Chairman of Compensation Committee

Here is all the info that you would ever want to know on Cumulus, stock symbol CMLS.
The headlines say Moody's is downgrading some corporate debt on one of their subsidiaries to "probability of default."

Cumulus' stock price has gone from a high of $22 per share to $1.20 per share since mid 2004. Here is the stock chart:;range=my;indicator=volume;charttype=candlestick;crosshair=on;ohlcvalues=0;logscale=on;source=undefined

We will start accumulating a shamful list of advertisers on WMAC 940 from 6-9a.m. M-F and post them later...

Shame, Shame Shame

Wednesday, Dec. 17, 2008

We’re better than we’re depicted

Who are we? As a member of this community for almost 70 years, I think I can pretty much profile us from my experience. As a Southern culture, we mostly value hospitality, inclusiveness, religion and general fairness. Even in conflict, we often find a way to have civil discourse and work through our differences for the greater good.

Of course, there are the rough spots, but how we handle them is often productive. Therefore, we work together for better jobs, schools, libraries and the good life.

I do not believe Cumulus profiles Macon, for they seem to promote division, animosity, distrust, anger, fear, all in the name of “truth.” It is not enough to say “don’t listen” because we owe it to each other to be aware of what is on our airways depicting us. Free speech can and should be freely judged for its worth.

Each morning as I drive to workout, a trip that takes about five minutes, I hear screaming, anger, self-righteousness, name calling, egotism and, worse, relentless attacks on an elected councilwoman whose free and intelligent choice not to appear on such a program was understandable.

Do we want our character and reputation represented for three hours every morning by one who does not know us? Do we want industrial prospects or visitors to get their early impressions of Macon from radio? Do we accept and enjoy hearing such negative venting? Do we really think it is healthy?

“Truth” can be told in logical, civil and serious ways or not, but to say it is “truth” is not always so. I invite others to listen as long as they are able and judge for themselves if this is who we are and want advertised.

The airways are ours and should reflect a few standards representative of the broadcast area. We are better than what we hear.

— Mary Wilder


Subject: Krok's transgressions printed in Telegraph letter by Corr
Letters to the Editor
Friday, Dec. 26, 2008
Viewpoints for Friday, Dec. 26, 2008

Krok should apologize

Local talk show host Chris Krok recently attacked NAACP President Al Tillman for putting out a press release he objected to. He then brought the Cumulus general manager out to back him up. He called Tillman a liar.

I wonder when Krok will stop whining and apologize to all the good folks Krok has slandered? People like City Councilwoman Elaine Lucas, Lindsay Holliday, County Commissioner Joe Allen, Susan Hanberry Martin, decorated Macon policewoman Tacey Brazee and me. When will Cumulus hold Krok accountable for accusing Lucas of trying to force her pupils to take Ritalin? When will he apologize for calling Holliday a rapist and me unstable? He falsely accused All American Spa of trafficking.

Krok loves to slander others but can't
take the heat when others call him out. He should be sued for slander.

I remind Krok that he can be forgiven. He must admit he is wrong. He can apologize on air. He can then beg God for forgiveness for bearing false witness against us. Krok must do this in order to cleanse his soul and purge his demons. Hate is not a family value.

- David Corr, Macon



Krok is a goner

I would like to thank Al Tillman, Lindsay Holliday, Elaine Lucas and many others for joining together to get Chris Krok removed from the airways of Macon. His hate-filled racist, homophobic slurs were a scourge on our city and county. Cumulus moves him around like the Catholic Church moves child molesting priests.

It is a great day for Macon that he is gone! I’m sure his stint in Dallas will be short lived as rational people who support freedom and oppose racism and homophobia will boycott him and cause him to lose ratings. I said the spas will be in Macon long after Krok is gone. That was gospel.

­ David Corr


Saturday, Mar. 27, 2010

Chris Krok leaving Macon for Texas radio job


Controversial Macon radio talk show host Chris Krok is leaving town.

Krok announced after 8 a.m. Friday that Tuesday will be his last day at WMAC-AM 940 because he has accepted a job in Dallas, Texas, at radio station KLIF, where he has been filling in off and on. That station is also a Cumulus station and is in the fifth-largest radio market in the country.
“This is an amazing opportunity for me, and I love it,” Krok said.

John Rodriguez, general manager of Cumulus in Macon, said Macon City Councilman Erick Erickson would replace Krok on a short-term basis. He said he hopes to have plans finalized for a permanent host next week.

“When we found Chris a couple of years ago, we knew he was a good talent, a major-market talent,” Rodriguez said. “It’s a pretty significant jump going from market No. 156 to market No. 5.”

Rodriguez said the Dallas station tried to hire Krok shortly after he arrived in Macon, but they couldn’t agree to terms.

Krok has become an outspoken political conservative voice during his tenure in Macon.

He was hired in Macon after sparring with Macon City Councilwoman Elaine Lucas while he was filling in for a week on WMAC after leaving WSB radio in Atlanta. Lucas filed a police report accusing Krok of harassment last year, and Krok filed an ethics complaint against her earlier this year. Municipal Court Judge Bobby Faulkner ruled that Lucas violated the city’s code of ethics when she directed a city employee to send an e-mail about a fundraiser for gubernatorial candidate Roy Barnes.

Lucas said she isn’t sorry to see him go.

“Of course I’m pleased,” she said. “He’s been a very divisive force while he’s been here. I feel sorry for the next community he’s going to be a part of. ... He’s done so much damage to race relations in this community. ... I don’t know why I was so blessed to be chosen by him. I don’t try to examine the mind of someone like that.”

The two sparred about a variety of topics.

In one instance, Lucas said a picture of her vehicle that Krok placed on his blog put her and her family in danger, with some people posting threats online. Krok countered that people knew who the automobile belonged to because it carried a personalized license plate.

Lucas hasn’t been the only target of Krok’s on-air barbs. During his tenure of 19 months and 385 shows, Krok has organized protests about taxes at Macon City Hall and has been outspoken in his opposition to Warner Robins Mayor Chuck Shaheen and the policies and practices of Macon Mayor Robert Reichert, Bibb County Sheriff Jerry Modena, former Bibb County schools Superintendent Sharon Patterson and others.

In 2008, Krok organized a protest when the Rev. Jeremiah Wright preached revival services at a Macon church. Wright stirred controversy by preaching what some called hate speech from the pulpit of his church when President-elect Obama was a member.

Krok’s most recent target was the Cherry Blossom Festival’s fashion show, which featured Adam Braswell, a local drag queen who performs onstage as “Deonna Sage.” Krok railed against Braswell’s appearance in the show, which went off without any interruptions.

Krok said his career took him from Jefferson City, Mo., to Madison, Wis., to Minneapolis and Atlanta and then Macon, where he said he thought God was teaching him a lesson after being out of work eight months.

Erickson, himself a well-known conservative pundit who recently joined CNN, said Krok offered a unique perspective to Middle Georgia politics.

“He’s been a real conservative voice, and he’s done wonders,” Erickson said. “He’s held a lot of people’s feet to the fire, including City Council and the board of education and others. He’s going to leave a void.”

Bibb County Commissioner Joe Allen, who has traded verbal jabs with Krok, was one of the first to call the program Friday to say he will miss the host. The two have reconciled some of their differences and say they feel a common bond as Christians.

Krok chastised his naysayers who ridiculed him for having to move to Macon after working in Atlanta by saying he will now be working in a city that’s larger than Atlanta.

Information from The Telegraph’s archives was used in this report. To contact writer Liz Fabian, call 744-4303. To contact writer Phillip Ramati, call 744-4334

KrokSucks wrote on 03/30/2010 12:17:52 PM:

First off, on the second to last paragraph, Krok moving to KLIF certainly isn't a huge move career wise for him. KLIF is a nothing station in Dallas, they are in 20th place in the market, with virtually no listeners.

Second, you guys missed out on this classic Krok moment when he attacked a family who had just lost their son in a car wreck two days prior.
 check it out.

josephstevenblow wrote on 03/30/2010 12:23:43 PM:

This "move" is probably a big April Fools day joke!

eleven45547 wrote on 03/30/2010 05:20:53 PM:

Yo, outh there, anybody got a copy on the crock-master.?
Maybe he be on a gray-hound headed out of town by now.
I sure hope that this is not an April fools joke and we hear his screeching voice on 940 tomorrow.
If we do, I will spray some paint on something.

eleven45547 wrote on 03/30/2010 09:33:46 AM:

Did he leave yet?? I'de still send him a dollar if somebody set up a goodby fund.

fourthestate wrote on 03/30/2010 06:10:44 AM:

Does anyone find it ironic that Kroc is 'leaving' for Texas on the day before APRIL FOOL'S DAY...I'm just sayin'!

sbcmacon79 wrote on 03/28/2010 10:27:15 PM:

Chris Krok must be some sort of GOD. All these people talking about this loon, when the real mover and shaker in this community is Charles E Richardson. He is the only reason Bibb County schools are now being held accountable. Just because someone works for a corporate company doesn't mean they are making some big difference. Wake Up stupid people of Macon and middle GA, cumulus and channel 13 are not the answers to all of our community problems. People like Charles E Richardson are ... he is making the real difference, not clown Krok and MaCCoy.

verne259 wrote on 03/28/2010 07:23:25 PM:

Thank God! Need help packing?

bulldoody wrote on 03/28/2010 03:26:27 PM:

Good riddance looser........

DPColeman wrote on 03/28/2010 03:22:31 PM:

@Dirty Sanchez you could move to Texas to be with that idiot (since you will miss him) mta56, explain (if possible) hand-out when the people you mentioned are elected officials; e.g., Bush = U.S. mess (TX will welcome you,also)...As for KROK, I am very happy, he is leaving, its amazing how people like Krok, DS, Mta56 rant and rave about thugs & thuggery, and they behave in exact same manner as the people they talk about... Question, can you guys be considered "POLITICAL THUGGS" HUMM??? I pity the radio station and city that inherits this "CLOWN" and his RHETORIC!!!

Top wrote on 03/28/2010 12:50:38 PM:

Yipeee!!!! Thank YOU Texas!

Dare wrote on 03/28/2010 12:45:50 PM:

Nice to see that idiot go away. Every town needs a town gooch, but his schtick was all about race baiting. Sadly, too many otherwise sane people took the bait. So now, earth to sane people: race baiting=bad.

jwinslette81 wrote on 03/28/2010 11:20:10 AM:

I am so glad! Let's try to have a positive dialogue about the problems in Macon.

Jordan wrote on 03/28/2010 08:52:45 AM:

This red neck is getting fired,and you all know it,he hasn't done one thing in Macon,but you hate to see him go,he's nothing but a A hole,talking about going to Texas,he can't find his behind with both hands and a map.

allsfair wrote on 03/28/2010 00:05:55 AM:

Good riddance to rubbish! :-)

waya wrote on 03/27/2010 10:17:49 PM:

I just hope that angry little man Jeff Scott who recently got canned from station WRWR in Warner Robins doesn't apply for Krok's job. Wow!! Talk about a dweller on the lunatic fringe dweller...geeezz!!!

southerngent wrote on 03/27/2010 07:52:27 PM:

Chris Krok was difficult to listen to. He certainly likes to hear the sound of his own voice. Chris came to Macon from Atlanta. He left a big name station for a small AM station. He had to do something to be heard. So he became a nut and an idiot. It brought him publicity, but no credibility. I am no fan of Elaine Lucas. She is a self-serving elected official. Chris picked her because she is only popular in certain circles. Chris, good luck in Texas. I can't say we are sad your tabloid style of showmanship will depart with you. Take a chill pill dude!

franken wrote on 03/27/2010 03:15:08 PM:

Based on Krak's comments, God is not through humbling the young fool.

shonuff wrote on 03/27/2010 01:07:57 PM:

Krok is not going anywhere. This is another one of his April Fool's jokes.

WATER15 wrote on 03/27/2010 12:23:28 PM:

Krok brings out the worst in everyone. I read on a daily basis. There are some mean-spirited comments posted here daily, but none like the ones that has been published on this article.

JohnQuest wrote on 03/27/2010 11:33:03 AM:

IMO, all you Krok loyalists have one thing in common; you will p#*s and moan about any unpopular situation and you offer no tangible solutions. Krok hides behind conservative ideology, but is a liberal as it gets. He gave Macon the 'ol Texas two-step.

druid387 wrote on 03/27/2010 10:29:43 AM:

wow...well goodbye to one jerk and hello to a bigger jerk...erickson thinks everyone should get off unemployment cause if u are ur a leech on society...but erik that is why u pay unemployment have that to fall back on in bad times....why dont ur sorry republician buddy do something about the mess george bush created and killed millions of jobs..why doesnt that pathetic party come up with some ideas...and not just bash democrats who are at least spent over a trillion dollars on a bunch of arabs but we can spend a few billions keepin my best friend alive with health insurance he cant get because of finaces and pre existing conditions...ur a big jerk

mistakencrimes wrote on 03/27/2010 10:05:23 AM:

Good riddance!
And to Tron: If you change your web browser to Mozilla Firefox, it will help you correct all those ridiculous misspellings of yours =)

ptgdp wrote on 03/27/2010 07:14:29 AM:

Krok was not good for this city. I never felt one iota of genuineness about any of his "causes" or rants. It always reeked of career-building. Is Elaine Lucas an ineffective, devisive councilwoman? You bet. Was Sharon Patterson ineffective? Maybe. But to go after them with the vitriol and nastiness that spewed from Krok's mouth was about as un-Christian as it gets. I'm a card-carrying Conservative Republican, and Krok was an embarrassment. Let the clown take his circus elsewhere.

WATER15 wrote on 03/27/2010 06:51:05 AM:

His face on this picture looks of a evil DEVIL!

Top wrote on 03/27/2010 06:28:51 AM:

It's about time! Texas, get ready for some serious race baiting!

shutterB wrote on 03/27/2010 02:23:53 AM:

Although I may agree with a few things he did, like the sex slaves and the food drives, for the most part he is a hate monger. Like most right wing so-called Christiams he is just a front for republican politics. Can someone name more than one republican he ever held to the fire? The only time I can remember was one of the homosexual hypocrites. At least no one listened to his attempts to disrupt the cherry blossom fashion show over his homophobia, and hopefully no one will listen to his childish hatefull attempts to interrupt the Cochran prom. Maybe WMAC can follow him to Dallas. I can understand why they want open up the Prom and Cherry Blossom story for comments. They would probably have to censor half of them, due people who listen to the likes of Krok.

jake10600 wrote on 03/27/2010 02:11:06 AM:

I am glad he is taking his sorry version of Conservative, Republican, Christianity with him. He gives a bad name to all three. But Erickson isn't much better with his cursing and misinformation, and we can count on John Rodriguez, the real villain, to find someone equally divisive, hateful, and harmful to the community. WMAC has really gone downhill in past years - it's all about sales, isn't it John.

ShondaSlaughterWilson wrote on 03/27/2010 00:27:57 AM:

He did nothing but cause problems so people who dont fact check would listen to his spew.

ChooseLife wrote on 03/27/2010 00:21:50 AM:

Mr. Krokkk: Thanks for nothing. Don't let the door hit you.

ShondaSlaughterWilson wrote on 03/27/2010 00:16:12 AM:

that is a perfect picture of him, a bucket full of anger aimed at anyone who would listen to him.

otherwiser wrote on 03/27/2010 00:12:45 AM:

Mr Krok, thanks for helping us expose the filthy and incorrigible underbelly of our local, criminal justice system "leaders" and hear no, speak no, see no Politicians, who have helped Macon & Bibb County become the fifth most dangerous community in the country.
Friday, Mar. 26, 2010

Radio host Chris Krok leaving Macon

By Liz Fabian -

Macon radio talk show host Chris Krok is leaving Macon.

Krok announced after 8 a.m. today that Tuesday will be his last day at WMAC-AM 940 as he has accepted a job in Dallas, Texas, at 570 KLIF where he has been filling in off and on at another Cumulus Station in the fifth radio market in the country.

"God is in control of everything," Krok said before announcing his promotion. "It is God's mighty hand that can take a person and humble them. ... And it's God's mighty hand that can take someone and put them in a higher profile position."

Krok said his career took him from Jefferson City, Mo., to Madison, Wis., to Minneapolis and Atlanta and then Macon, where he said he felt God was teaching him a lesson after being out of work eight months.

He was hired here in Macon after sparring with Macon City Councilwoman Elaine Lucas while he was filling in for a week on WMAC after leaving WSB-Radio in Atlanta. Lucas filed a police report accusing Krok of harassment last year and Krok filed an ethics complaint against her earlier this year. Judge Bobby Faulkner ruled Lucas did violate the city’s code of ethics when she directed a city employee to send an e-mail about a fundraiser for gubernatorial candidate Roy Barnes.

During his tenure of 19 months and 385 shows, Krok has organized protests over taxes at Macon City Hall and has been outspoken in his opposition to Warner Robins Mayor Chuck Shaheen and the policies and practices of Macon Mayor Robert Reichert, Bibb County Sheriff Jerry Modena and others.

Just this week Krok expressed outrage over the inclusion of drag queen Adam Braswell in Thursday's Cherry Blossom Fashion Show, but "Deonna Sage" was allowed to perform and no one protested at the event.

Bibb County Commissioner Joe Allen, who has traded verbal jabs with Krok, was one of the first to call the program to say he will miss the host. The two have reconciled some of their differences and say they feel a common bond as Christians.

Krok chastised his naysayers who ridiculed him for having to move to Macon after working in Atlanta by saying he will now be working in a city that is larger than Atlanta.

"This is an amazing opportunity for me and I love it," Krok said

Beau Cabell/The Telegraph -- Radio personality Chris Krok, armed with a camera and a voice recorder, exits City Council President Miriam Paris' office in October.

ShondaSlaughterWilson wrote on 03/27/2010 00:26:16 AM:

GaPch24 - Krok harassed a great many private citizens during his short and ignorant time here in Macon. When I wrote a letter to the Macon Paper, he somehow got onto my PRIVATE facebook page and bothered me until I told him to leave me alone.

verne259 wrote on 03/26/2010 09:11:27 PM:

God is good!

verne259 wrote on 03/26/2010 09:13:16 PM:

He going to stir up some poop in Texas!

cireewol wrote on 03/26/2010 05:38:46 PM:

I don't think Cris was being totally honest about his departure from this market, and other markets. In the past, he'd indicated that he 'quit' the job at WSB and relocated to Macon. What RESPONSIBLE MAN would quit a job in one of the largest markets in radio, NOT WORK FOR 8 months (mind you, he has a wife and kids to support) and take a job in small market in Macon? Cris, come on, bro, we are better that! Second, he's moving to Dallas as a Backup personality in the afternoons at this station! In other words, this appears NOT TO BE A fulltime job. Third, Elaine Lucas was interviewed this morning. According to her, VARIOUS agents had approached the owners of Butler Toyota - the number one sponser of WMAC- about pulling their business. She also stated that her attorneys had been having discussions with the attorneys for the Station! Cris is a dishonest man - which is I why I never listened to him! And truth be told, he never had any intentions of staying here - the reason he RENTED his home and HOMESCHOOLED his children!

***** PLEASE BEWARE: Eric Erickson is way Worse than Cris!!!!!!!!!

ottero58 wrote on 03/26/2010 04:56:56 PM:

Are you people capable of communicating with each other without the "petty" bickering and childish name calling? I think YOUR behaviors are another indication of what is wrong with Macon/Bibb!

whyme1 wrote on 03/26/2010 04:40:09 PM:

Not one more comment from me.

Emma wrote on 03/26/2010 04:15:01 PM:

To be honest, I quit listening regularly to Krok the first week he was here - I didn't like the screaming, the rudeness, the radical right-wingery of his views. I checked in from time to time, read his blog now and then, just to see what he was up to - but I am a supporter of Sheriff Modena and the whole Cleetus bit was uncalled for. Some days I wouldn't have spit on Krok if he had been on fire, I was that angry. The thing is, even as I was turned off by the way Krok said things, he put a stranger's spotlight on some long-term negative things in our area that folks had gotten used to. I didn't appreciate the way he pointed things out - but I appreciated that he pointed them out. I look forward to the next host at 940, and I hope it's a hard-hitting host - just not another Krok shock jock. As for Krok - good luck, and good bye.

eleven45547 wrote on 03/26/2010 03:51:36 PM:

Oh, one more thing.
If we take up a collection, do you think that he can leave today??

leonlawyer wrote on 03/26/2010 03:32:36 PM:

Macon will be a much better place with Kroc gone!!!

Gigman wrote on 03/26/2010 03:19:36 PM:

Umm, since when is Dallas, TX a larger city that Atlanta, GA? Not even close... see ya Krok.

coop29 wrote on 03/26/2010 03:16:13 PM:

Good riddance!

carpepm wrote on 03/26/2010 02:24:02 PM:

OK, add me to the list of Maconites who are glad to see Mr. Krock go ride some steers in Texas. Maybe he can help the good folks in Texas get their wish of seceding from the Union? didn't he want Bibb County to form a separate city or some such idiocy at one time?

Eidolon wrote on 03/26/2010 12:58:00 PM:

I haven't listened to Krok, but after reading that idiotic crap about 'God is in control,' I don't think I would have liked his show. What god?

bigjames wrote on 03/26/2010 12:08:54 PM:

Good riddance. Apparently was here just to self promote and stir fecal matter that didn't need stirring, especially from a temp. Dallas market is a lot bigger sea, and he'll be a minor fish in it... and we know what happens to little fish in the sea...

gamule wrote on 03/26/2010 12:12:53 PM:

Good luck Krok. May the sun shine upon your face and the wind blow onto your back as you search for you knoch in this world. Would that we all be so engaged in our work as to move where the opportunity exist. Smooth sailing.

librarecords wrote on 03/26/2010 11:36:36 AM:

Oh happy day! Don't let the door hit you where the good Lord split you,
Chris Krok. Glad Macon is done as your stepping stone. Go try to torch another town with a bigger market and pick on drag queens your own ego size

Aunt_Emma wrote on 03/26/2010 11:45:06 AM:

There's an old saying about getting rid of someone by promoting him. This is what happened to Krok. Kind of like the mailroom guy on the Seinfeld episode. (that worked for Elaine)


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