Wine & Cheese - on Thursday, February 21st , 2019

Hi Everyone,

Happy New Year!  We are starting our new year with a new event-a Wine & Cheese - on Thursday, February 21st , 2019 @ 5:30-7:00 at the Historic Macon Foundation.   Here is the flyer for our Wine & Cheese !!  (Canetra Ford designed this for us for the event) .  All the information is on the flyer and I encourage you to send this out to your contacts and invite a friend to attend, so that we can have a nice gathering for these speakers and wider our outreach to the community.  We were fortunate to get Tracy Adkison, the president of the League of Women Voters of GA and Susannah Scott, a board member of the League of Women Voters of GA to attend and update us on what our League is doing and how we can be supportive.   IT’S OUR FUTURE!

We will, of course, continue our monthly luncheons, but we will add this event on  a trial basis to see if we can reach individuals who cannot attend a luncheon meeting. 

Best wishes,

Mary Lou Ezell,

President , League of Women Voters of Macon



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Newsletter - Feb 2011

Dear Members and Friends,

    January has been a busy month for the League. The speaker for the luncheon meeting was Chief Assistant District Attorney Nancy Scott Malcor. She gave a wonderful talk on the backlog of cases in the court system. If you were not there, you missed something special. Martha Jones went to great lengths to secure a quality speaker after our confirmed guests cancelled at the last minute. Thanks Martha.

We have prepared the fundraising letter and government directory for 2011. Thanks to Paulette Reeves, Carolyn Hargrove, and Barbara Knight for each of their roles in jobs well done.  You may expect to receive your copies in the mail soon.  My request is that you support our League with a donation—that’s right, our League. The more you help, the more we can do.

    The Board of Directors held our regular monthly meeting on Monday, January 31.  It was decided that future monthly meetings on the third Wednesday will be held at the Brickyard at Riverside Golf Club, 6000 N. Wesleyan Drive, Macon, GA 31210. Members of the Board met with the management and finalized all of the arrangements.  Lets’ give a great big shout out to Barbara Myers for taking the lead in getting this beautiful establishment for us.  Also, thanks to Betty Phillips for her help in contacting our sponsor.

    Our guests for the February meeting are Bibb County Commissioner Samuel Hart and Mayor Robert Richert. The topic of discussion will be Consolidation of Bibb County and the City of Macon governments.  Certainly, we would like a good turnout of members, but bring your friends too.  Lunch will be served at 12:00 Noon, so we ask that you come between 11:30 and 11:45 AM.  We want to start on time. The press will be invited.

    Please remember with pleasant thoughts and prayers our members Ned Myers ( husband of Barbara) accident victim, Bettye, Middlebrooks son (accident victim) John Newsom (husband of Dianne) illness.

See you there.

Jackie Mays, President

Directions to the Brickyard
Traveling North on Riverside Drive, go past River Crossing Mall about a mile.  You will pass N. Forsyth Road and River Walk apartments on the left. Keep riding until you pass Bass Road. The highway will narrow and the next street is N. Wesleyan Drive.  Turn left and go about ˝ mile to Brickyard.

House Bill 92
House Bill 92 was entered this week for consideration by the Georgia state house. This bill is intended to limit early voting to 21 days instead of 45 days and includes requiring that early voting sites be open at least one Saturday during the early voting period. The League of Women Voters of Georgia will be monitoring this legislation.  We are encouraging each local League to conduct research in their community about the pros and cons of shortening the early voting period.   Please send an email to lwvga@lwvga.org to volunteer for this project.    See Tracey-Ann's comments in this exert from the Atlanta-Journal Constitution.

* Correction to Under the Gold Dome Issue 1. The LWVGA convention will take place on April 29th-30th not March as listed in the newsletter.

Membership Corner

The League’s fiscal year is June 1 – May 31 so dues are due now.  The dues are $50.00 for an individual and $75 for a household.  First time members can join now for a one time fee of $25.00.
Dues can be made payable to LWV, Macon at either the November Meeting or they can be mailed to:
 League of Women Voters
P.O. Box 7341
Macon, Georgia 31209
Carolyn Hargrove
1223 Adams Street
Macon, GA 31201


Marilyn Sheldon
Membership Chair


     The monthly meeting of the League of Women Voters is scheduled for February 15, 2011 at the Brickyard Restaurant at the Riverside Golf Club. Meeting time is 12:00 Noon.  Please plan to be there at or before 11:45 for fellowship with members and networking with our guests.

It is my pleasure to make your luncheon reservation for our next luncheon on Wednesday, February 15, 2011 

Topic: Consolidation.
Location: The Brickyard,
Time: 12 Noon, if possible be there by 11:45 am
Cost: $12.00

Please RSVP to bobbinkoi2@yahoo.com or  by telephone to Marilyn Sheldon  at (478) 743-5915.  Changes can be made NO LATER 10AM, Wednesday morning which is the day of the meeting. 

Please be advised that No Show reservations will be charged.


Please try to submit your newsletter submissions by the second Monday in the month which is a week before the newsletter is due to be emailed.  Submissions can be emailed to:
Stephanie Woods Miller at taylormillerlaw@yahoo.com


President – Jackie Mays
Vice President – Barbara Myers
Treasurer – Carolyn Hargrove
Secretary – Bettye Middlebrooks

Board of Directors (Two Years)
Betty Phillips
Dianne Newsom
Paulette Reeves

Board of Directors (One Year)
Barbara Knight
Joy Bernard
Marilyn Sheldon




LWV-Macon, Ga  Policies


The League of Women Voters of Macon is non-partisan in that it does not support or oppose any political party or candidate; it is political in that it takes positions on selected governmental issues after member study and agreement. While the League urges its members to be politically active, certain constraints are necessary in order to maintain the nonpartisanship of the organization. Therefore, unless they resign their board positions, the President, Vice Presidents, Voter Service, Membership, and Actions Chairs may not run for a political office or take an active, visible role in a campaign for a political candidate or in support of a position that the League opposes.

Board members other than the above named engaged in political activities (other than running for office) must seek a Board decision as to whether the activity would affect the community's perception of the League's nonpartisanship.

Candidacies of Active LWV Macon members may be announced in The Voter with the under-standing that such an announcement in no way constitutes a League endorsement.

The political activities of a spouse or relative of a Board member shall be considered as separate and distinct from the activities of the Board member.

Candidates attending League meetings as guests may provide campaign literature to members provided all attending candidates have been offered the opportunity to do so, and provided that such literature is placed in an area pre-selected by the League.


To receive reimbursement of an expense incurred by a board member, the member must first receive permission of the President to make the expenditure, then provide the treasurer with a filled out voucher accompanied by a receipt for the purchase(s) made.


No member may give the LWV Macon mailing list to any other organization without Board approval.  


Only the President or someone designated by the president shall make public statements or send letters to the editor on behalf of the LWV of Macon.  

Only petitions approved by the Board of Directors may be circulated at League meetings.


Any member making a reservation for lunch and not keeping the reservation will be billed for that luncheon.



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