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Ocmulgee National Park and Preserve Initiative


Ocmulgee National Monument

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Celebration for Volunteers:
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Celebrating , Interpreting and Preserving the

Records of  Human Occupation of the

Ocmulgee River Basin - Fall Line Area

 From the Stone Age to the Space Age


Ocmulgee Indian Celebration
  in September
the 3rd weekends
  call 478-752-8257

Volunteers at 2013 OIC:

Please join our Ocmulgee National Monument Association.  



Monument needs volunteers  


Ocmulgee National Monument needs volunteers to assist with educational programs, computer services and library sciences. The unit of the National Park Services Organization is also looking for people willing to staff information desks and gift shops.

The park is experiencing budget constraints which have left us understaffed, but with more visitors. Rangers are recruiting people willing to contribute time to the park services throughout the year.

Women, men and college students can call 478-752-8257, ask rangers  for more information.

  Signage Needed:


   Civil War skirmish at Dunlap's Farm

   Old Stuff

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